• Caring For A Vacant Home: Important Dos And Don'ts

    If you're currently in possession of a vacant home for any reason, the fact remains that it'll be your responsibility to care for the home until you're able to either move into it or sell it. Otherwise, you could end up with fines, expensive property damage, or both. Specifically, there are some important pieces of advice you'll want to keep in mind when it comes to caring for a vacant home.
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  • 3 Groups Who Can Benefit From Online Property Auctions

    Buying anything at an auction can be an exhilarating, if not anxiety inducing, experience. The stakes may feel even higher when purchasing a big ticket item such as a house. When it comes to purchasing a house many people think about doing it the traditional way. However, there are groups of people who may find that purchasing a house at auction is a great choice for them. Buyers Looking For A Deal
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  • What Should You Do If You See A Child Or Pet In A Hot Car?

    Each summer, cities and states that tend to log high temperatures reach out to citizens to inform them of the potential danger of leaving a child or pet in a hot car. Temperatures within a vehicle left in the sun can quickly reach dangerous levels, even when it doesn't feel that warm outside. However, accidents can still happen, as can negligence, and you may find yourself in an emergency situation after witnessing a pet or child locked inside a hot vehicle.
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