Four Signs You Should Think Twice Before Buying That Home

Posted on: 16 November 2016

When it comes to house hunting, whether or not a home is a good choice is often a matter of preference. For instance, you might think that the small bedroom is cute, while for another home buyer, the size might be a deal-breaker. However, there are certain factors that are almost certainly signs that a home is a bad buy for anyone. If you come across any of these signs when looking at a home, just say "no thank you" and move on to the next one.

The roof is sagging.

A few missing shingles is one thing; this can certainly be fixed by replacing or repairing the roof. A roof that appears to be sagging is quite another issue. By the time a roof actually starts to sag, the wooden underlayment has begun to break down and decay. Not only is replacing the underlayment extremely expensive, but there's probably a lot of water damage in the attic from water that has been seeping in for the (likely) many years that the roof hasn't been doing its job.

You see mold in the basement.

If the basement is moldy now, when the homeowners are trying to present the home in the best light, you can bet it will stay moldy when you move in. Installing a dehumidifier and replacing all of the mold-covered drywall might help.  However, hoping these repairs will be effective is taking a big chance.  You're better off just walking away rather than possibly being left with a home with mold that causes respiratory and other health issues.

The pipes are lead.

Lead pipes were used for many years, but they are not safe since they cause some lead to flow out in the water. This could cause lead poisoning if you drink the water for long enough. Most homes that once had lead pipes have already had the pipes replaced, but there are still some homes out there with lead plumbing. Having a home repiped costs many thousands and takes a long time, so just walk away from this one rather than risking your health or emptying your wallet.

Old, outdated electrical systems.

Take a close look at the fuse or circuit box before you buy a home. Do you see any frayed wires or wires that do not lead to anything? Is the fuse box rusted and in overall poor condition? These are signs that the electrical system is outdated and in need to repair -- if not a total replacement. An outdated electrical system is a fire hazard, so don't buy this home, let alone spend any more time looking at it while the power is switched on.

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