3 Tips For Protecting Yourself When Renting An Apartment

Posted on: 28 November 2016

If you are looking to rent an apartment in an apartment complex, you need to make sure that you protect your interests. Here are three things that you should while looking for an apartment and as you move in.

#1 Talk To Existing Tenants

The first thing that you should do is see if you can talk to any tenant who already lives in the apartment complex. An existing tenant will be able to let you know what they have noticed about the actual quality of the apartments. They may be able to tell you if things are as sturdy and as clean as they appear in the example apartment that you were shown.

You should also ask the tenants how the landlord and property management company are. Do they respond to their concerns and requests? Do they keep the property in good shape?

You should also ask the current tenants about what it is like to live in the apartment complex. This is a good way to find out if the complex gets loud during the evening or weekends and if the tenants are generally friendly or keep to themselves.

Talking to existing tenants will help you get a better idea of what it will be like to rent an apartment in the complex that you are interested in.

#2 Get Everything In Writing

Oftentimes, you will be offered a lot of promises when you move into an apartment complex. However, the only way to ensure that these promises are fulfilled is by getting everything in writing.

That means that you should get things in writing such as how quickly the management will respond to all maintenance requests and the exact terms of your lease. Read the lease carefully, and make sure that all details you discussed verbally are included in the written contract. If they are not included, amend the contract before signing it.

#3 Take Pictures Before You Move In

Finally, before you move into the apartment, take pictures of the apartment. Take close up pictures of every door and window. Closely examine the flooring and take good pictures of all of the corners. If there is any damage to the apartment, make sure that you document it.

Keep a copy of the pictures and provide them to your landlord as well. These pictures will help you prove that you kept the apartment in the condition that you found it in when you move out and are trying to get your security deposit back.

If you prefer, you can also take a video of the apartment. Visual evidence is the best way to prove that you took care of the apartment.

Be sure that you take the three steps above to protect your own interests when looking for an apartment within a complex to live in.