Enhancing the Senses During an Open-House Session

Posted on: 14 November 2016

If you are in the process of trying to sell your home, you may have decided to host an open-house session so prospective buyers can take a look at the interior of the structure. This is a great way to gain interest in a home in a positive manner, as people will have the chance to see first-hand how much room is available while noting the mediums and colors used inside. Here are a few ways you can tantalize prospective buyers with sensory enhancements in an attempt to make the home inviting to those visiting, possibly helping to boost bids because of positive experiences as a result.

Hit the Nose with Pleasing Scents

The first impression a prospective buyer will have of a home is not the visual appeal but the smells that are emitted toward their nose as the door is opened. If a home smells musty, it will be deemed as unkempt and may impact the buyer's overall thoughts about the structure. A home that emits a fresh scent when the door is opened will be inviting toward those visiting. On the day of an open house, consider using light scents to make the experience favorable to those taking a look inside. A pleasing essential oil like peppermint or lavender can be dabbed onto cotton balls and tucked in spots out of view to help make the home smell pleasing.

Offer Snacks and Drinks to Increase Interest

Guests will enjoy having a freshly baked treat to munch upon when taking a look around a home for sale. Baking a batch of cookies or brownies in an existing stove or toaster oven will not only tempt guests into having a snack to enjoy the flavor but also aid in making the home smell nice. Brew a pot of coffee to accompany these baked goods to offer to guests who wish to view the interior of the home as well. This will keep people inside of the structure a bit longer, as they will not need to leave to get something to eat and drink if their visit is around breakfast or lunchtime hours.

Show Off Style with Home-Staging Items

It is important to help a prospective buyer visualize what their home will look like furnished with the help of home-staging pieces. If the home is left empty, those visiting will have a more difficult time in determining how a home will appear after furniture and personal items are placed inside. Using home-staging pieces with interesting patterns and color combinations will complement the flooring, wall coloring, and textures already present in the home. Increase the comfort in the home with regularly seen items such as clocks, houseplants, or photographs as well.

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