Why Moving To An Older Community Is Beneficial To Your Health

Posted on: 21 December 2016

You've  likely heard of senior and 55+ communities before and possibly wondered just why they exist and how they can possibly be beneficial for people to live in them. As you approach your older and retiring years, you may start seeing these type of dwellings and developments everywhere: in mobile home parks and apartment complexes conveniently located for easy access to town amenities. An older community development can actually be beneficial to your health and as you get to a point where you want to downsize or improve your living conditions, you may want to give this type of living more thought. Here are a few reasons why.

Stress reduction

A senior living property is designed with comfort, quiet, and stress reduction in mind. This is accomplished by setting ground rules for each establishment that every homeowner has to follow, such as:

  • pet size/breed limitations
  • noise allowances
  • visitor curfews
  • maintenance requirements

All these rules aim to protect residents and allow them to live in their quiet dwelling without worry about clutter, renegade pets, noisy equipment or music, and other irritations common to any community or neighborhood setting. When you have less stress, you improve your immune system, sleep better at night, and experience other benefits that are great for your health.

Easy maintenance

You don't need a lot of space as you age and your children have grown and gone. The convenience of 55+ living includes a home that is easy to get into with a ramp and embellished home amenities such as railings in the hallways, customized bathtubs to help prevent falls, and smaller kitchens and living rooms for easier cleaning and temperature control. Furthermore, these communities often include other maintenance perks, such a lawn care. A home you don't have to do a lot of work in can help you reduce falls and other accidents.


Perhaps the best benefit to your health lies in the social perks of living in a community of people who are at the same stage of life as you are. You can make new friends and gain a tight-knit inner family within your community to help you feel more protected and give you a variety in your daily routine. Friends can help motivate you to walk daily, try new things, and get out of the house, all of which are beneficial to both your mental and physical health.

A real estate agent can help you choose the best type of community for your budget and interests. Make a note of senior communities you have seen so you can visit them later as you explore your living options when you age.