Moving Can Help You With Your Mobility Issues

Posted on: 18 July 2023

It's common for people to move later in life. Often, they do so because they believe they'll be more comfortable in a new home with different features and amenities. For instance, you should know senior apartment complexes are built with greater accessibility if you're concerned about mobility issues. As such, you have options other than ordering expensive renovations for your current home.

Mobility Issues Are Common

Mobility issues are widespread. The CDC reports that one in seven adults in the United States have mobility issues. Furthermore, this figure correlates with people's age, as shown by how the figure rises to one in four older adults in the United States that have mobility issues. This makes it reasonable for you to be concerned about how you'll fare if you start finding it harder to get around.

Renovating Your Home Is Expensive

Fortunately, you don't need to start looking for assisted living facilities. Plenty of people continue independent living despite developing mobility issues. After all, they have numerous ways to make things easier for themselves. For example, they won't need to raise their legs high with a step-in shower. Similarly, they won't have to climb the stairs with a stair lift. The issue is whether you want to pay for these renovations if you don't already have them.

Better Homes & Gardens says the costs can differ significantly depending on your needs. Installing handrails will cost just a few hundred dollars. In contrast, renovating a bathroom so it complies with the ADA's standards can cost $25,000 to $50,000. Always get quotes from contractors specializing in these renovations. This way, you'll have solid numbers to base your decisions on.

Moving Somewhere With Greater Accessibility Is Easier

You don't have to renovate your home for greater accessibility if you're concerned about mobility issues. Instead, you can move into a more suitable home. One potential option would be senior apartment complexes, which are built with greater accessibility in mind. A move from a house to an apartment is a huge transition. Still, it can be worthwhile if your needs have changed enough that you're ready for something different.

Senior Living Apartments Come With Numerous Other Benefits

Senior living apartments offer numerous other benefits if you're older. Some of these benefits are inherent to the transition from a house to an apartment. For instance, you can free up time and money because you won't need to put the same effort into maintaining your new home. Other benefits are tied to the senior apartment complexes themselves. They're meant for older tenants. As a result, they often have convenient locations and comfortable amenities tailored to their intended residents. This means relocating can give you a noticeable boost in quality of life, so long as you're willing to take advantage of what's on offer. To learn more about senior apartment complexes, contact a professional property management business near you.