Open House Events: Time to Get Serious About Your Home Search

Posted on: 17 February 2022

Visiting open houses is one of the highlights of a home search. Where else can you just show up without an appointment and nosy your way into a home that is on the market? It won't be a personal and private tour but it's still one of the best ways for buyers to see in person what they only imagined from website photos. If you are ready to buy, open house opportunities should be taken seriously. Read on for some tips to do just that.

Make Contact 

If you already have an agent looking for a home for you, introduce yourself to the agent in charge and let them know. It's just common courtesy to be upfront about things to prevent future misunderstandings. If you are beyond ready to buy, though, consider asking your agent to get you an advance tour of the property. That can allow you to tour at your leisure and ask questions without competing with all the other buyers. It might also give you a jump on making an offer.

Make Notes 

Take your own photographs (ask for permission first, though) and make notes about the home as you walk through it. Pay attention to issues that deserve more information. Does the pretty light fixture come with the house? Is that stain on the ceiling from a repair? How old is that dishwasher anyway? You will be glad you noted these details later when all you can remember is that you loved the house.

Make Peace with the House 

Know what can and cannot be changed about a house. That means only looking in locations that you like. Houses can be painted and remodeled but it could be more difficult to deal with a constantly barking dog next door or loud freeway traffic. Pay attention to zoning issues, noise problems, locations of nearby shopping, proximity to your job, and anything else that matters to you.

Make an Offer 

Homes for sale can go fast, especially when lots of eager buyers are lining up to view the home at an open house at the same time as you are. Be as ready as possible to make an offer on the spot. Being prepared to make an offer might mean getting pre-approved for lending, for example, so that you will have more confidence in a loan approval when you apply (in a few weeks!).

It can all happen at an open house if you are in the right frame of mind. Find out more by speaking to a company like REMAX Executive.