Waterfront Homes For Sale: Key Features To Look For

Posted on: 7 January 2021

Waterfront homes for sale are often luxurious and decadent homes, featuring stunning views and private water access. However, just like traditional homes, waterfront homes each vary in quality, convenience, price, and location.

Whether you want to make a waterfront property your primary residence or you want to use the home as your vacation home and rent the property out the rest of the year, you want to look at waterfront homes that have the best features. Common features to look for in waterfront homes are included here; your real estate agent will help you find the best waterfront homes for sale within your budget.

Private dock

Not all waterfront homes for sale feature a private dock, even if they are right off the water. A private dock gives you somewhere to boat and enjoy water adventures, and you can even use your dock for waterfront parties during the warmer months. A private dock might come at a more luxurious price, but having a dock already built off your property line can be a real benefit for your waterfront home.

Exterior changing deck

A changing deck outside a waterfront home, especially one that features an outdoor shower for rinsing off after water play, is a great bonus feature to have. This changing deck should be enclosed for privacy and may even include a hot tub or private exercise pool for even more outdoor water fun.

A large yard

While the water is the star feature of your waterfront property, it shouldn't take up the entire yard. Waterfront homes for sale should have enough yard between the property and the water to allow you to enjoy the outdoors more. A large yard with a mature landscape is most beneficial to you as a buyer. Even more importantly, the more land there is between your home and the water, the less likely it is that the home will be flooded or suffer from soil erosion in the future.

A retaining wall

Speaking of soil erosion, the best waterfront homes for sale should feature a retaining wall to keep natural wear and tear of the waterfront property at bay. A retaining wall can be as long as the entire property line or only a few feet tall and high where the water rises most. The point is that there should be a retaining wall in the first place, which will help protect your waterfront property and surrounding gardens against water and soil erosion in the future.