Key Features To Look For In Senior Communities

Posted on: 17 November 2020

When looking for a senior community, there are certain aspects that you want to look out for. A senior community isn't just a type of housing. It's an experience. Whether you're looking for yourself or a family member, there are certain features that aren't negotiable.

Travel Options

Is the community on a bus line? Is transportation simple? Does the community have its own transportation? How far away is it from groceries, entertainment, and medical services? Travel and location are incredibly important for a senior community. The closer the community is to amenities, the better.

Community Events

For many, leaving the community may not always be preferable. For those who want to stay in, it's important that there be social and community events. If you prefer to do your socializing at home, take a look for senior communities that have regular community events.

Nursing Services

While you may not need nursing services now, it's possible you might in the future. Having a community that has access to nursing services and medical care is almost always ideal. Ask questions about how medical care is taken care of and what you would do if you needed long-term care.


Not everyone wants pets. And many apartment complexes don't allow them. But pets have been proven to be helpful to seniors, making it easier to live a fulfilling life. With a pet, you need to be active, and you have a constant companion. So, if pets are important, make sure that you find a senior community that allows them.


Reviews and accreditations show you how seriously a community is taken among other professionals and clients. Take a look at reviews to determine whether there might be any negatives about the community. If you see a lot of negative reviews, it probably means there's something wrong with the complex.

Resident Experiences

Talk to other residents to get a well-balanced assessment of the community. Other residents will be free to tell you what they like and don't like. While there's no community that's perfect, there are many communities that are generally great. You get to decide whether any flaws are deal breakers.

Senior communities are excellent opportunities for seniors to gain both a home and a sense of community at once. But not all senior communities are made equal. Have a deep discussion with senior community management to find out more about whether a community is right for you.