What to Look for During a First Viewing Versus a Second Viewing When Buying a House

Posted on: 2 October 2020

Some people make offers on homes after seeing them once, while others view homes several times before deciding. Your real estate agent might suggest viewing a house at least two times before putting in an offer. If you choose to follow this tip, here is a breakdown of what you should look for during the first viewing versus the second viewing.

How to Handle the First Viewing of a Home for Sale

The first viewing of a home offers a chance to see what a home looks like, its condition, and how it functions. First viewings generally tell homebuyers if they like the home or not. You might view ten houses and not find one you like, or you might find several that you like out of the ten.

When you visit a home the first time, you should take note of several essential things. First, you should aim to get a good overview of the home's features, layout, and size. As you look, you can get an idea about the home's condition and the work it needs. These basic details will help you decide if you like the home enough to consider buying it. If not, you can scratch it off your list. If you like it enough to consider buying it, you can still view other homes, but you can also come back to see that house again.

How to Handle the Second Viewing of a Home for Sale

If you decide to see a home a second time, you should plan to spend more time there. During the second viewing, your goal should be to look more closely at the home's systems and the home's features. For example, you might want to fully examine the plumbing system during the second visit. You can test the fixtures to see the water pressure and to determine how quickly each fixture receives hot water.

The second visit also presents a time to test the home's windows and examine the closet space more thoroughly. A second visit can help you spot things in the house that you did not see the first time, which will help you decide if you want to make an offer on it.

Viewing a home twice helps you learn more about the property. If you still have questions after two visits, you can always schedule a third one. To find homes for sale in your city, talk to a local real estate agent.