Get A Unique-Looking Home Exterior By Looking At The Right Features

Posted on: 16 August 2019

When you look at a lot of the homes in the neighborhoods where you are most interested in buying, you may notice that many properties look similar or even identical. If you want to keep things from happening when you become a homeowner, you should pay attention to exterior features since they will have the biggest impact on what your home looks like from the outside.

Doors and Windows

A great feature to look at while browsing through homes is the doors and windows. If you are finding a lot of homes with the garage in the front area, you should not hesitate to prioritize homes with wood garage doors that have decorative designs and windows to make an ideal look.

The front door is another feature that can play a huge role in your home's curb appeal. While you can always replace the front door somewhat easily, you may like the idea of buying a home that is already designed and decorated in a way that you find attractive and looks unique in the area.

As for the windows, you should look at the hardware, types, frames, designs, and color choices to help you determine whether they provide a unique enough look to satisfy your needs.

Exterior Colors

With the trim, siding, roof, gutters, doors, and windows, you will have a lot of features to look at to find a color scheme that you love. The key here is to avoid all-neutral color schemes since you may need to make a considerable number of changes to create a unique exterior look. A bold color here and there is all that you need to make the house stand out alongside other homes.


While the landscape is something that may change throughout the year, you should not hesitate to use this major portion of the property to help in your decision-making. For instance, a basic landscape with green grass and a single tree in the front yard may not be that interesting.

With online home listings, you should find it easy to notice when a property has a unique-looking landscape since you may get a glimpse from the first photo alone. Afterward, you can look at the listing description and other photos to see if the landscape has enough distinctive qualities.

If you want to buy a home that looks unique from the outside, you must prioritize certain features. Talk to a real estate agent today for more tips.