3 Tips For Buying A Worn-Down Home That You Can Easily Work On

Posted on: 17 July 2019

While some people are only interested in buying a turnkey home in which they do not have to do any work for a long time, you may actually like the idea of getting your hands on a worn-down home. A property that needs work is likely to come with less competition and sell at a lower price than a similar turnkey home, which gives you an excellent opportunity to save money initially.

If you do not want to worry about major problems in a house, you should figure out what worn-down features to prioritize that will give you confidence when looking at real estate.


When you are able to find a home with well-built cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms, you should not look the other direction if the exterior is worn down. All it may need is a fresh paint job and replacement hardware to transform the cabinets into an attractive feature. If the cabinets are not looking that great, you may also want to consider replacing the cabinet doors.

The amazing thing about replacing the doors is that you gain an opportunity to change so much about the cabinets with this single project. For instance, you can put glass doors on certain cabinets if you know that you have kitchenware that you would love to put on display.


Aside from painting the cabinets, you may come across fixer-upper properties that need painting work in all sorts of areas. While the standard areas that may need painting include the trim and walls because of how easy it is for children and pets to cause wear and tear to these spots, you should also be looking on the outside for worn-down features and painting opportunities.

For instance, you will likely find homes with fences that are in dire need of painting as well as siding that needs minor  repair or two before you put time and effort into panting.


If you come across a home with hardwood flooring that is scratched and stained, you should figure out whether it is solid or engineered. While engineered floors can only be refinished a handful of times before you need to replace them entirely, you should feel confident that solid hardwood flooring will last long enough that you can refinish the whole surface many times over.

Demanding these features will help you buy a home that you can work on with your family.