3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Property Management To A Smart System

Posted on: 22 September 2018

The basic principles behind property management have not changed over the years. As a manager of a property management team you handle payments, complaints from tenants, tenants moving out, and new tenants moving in. You also may handle the maintenance calls and schedules that come through as well. What has changed in property management is the ability to be smartphone connected. Here are three reasons to upgrade your property management to a smart system for your entire team.

Reduced Tenant Inquiries

One of the key aspects of most smart systems decided for property management is a tenant portal. Tenant portals give your management team the ability to field and answer basic tenant questions with real time answers. For example, your team may receive several phone calls a day regarding maintenance as well as billing questions. A tenant portal allows the tenant to check on these issues, schedule a maintenance call, or send inquiries through the portal. This reduces the calls coming into the office and still allows you to deal with the inquiries that need attention.

Increased Tenant Awareness

There are issues that affect all of your tenants. These issues can range from a change in rental charges, rubbish collection, office hours, or even weather issues. In most cases, you have to either go door to door to inform the tenants or you have to send out flyers. With a smart system, you can send out a broadcast message through email as well as text messaging. This gives you a way to ensure that the information was received and you can see if someone's information is outdated in your system when they are marked as not receiving the message.

Increased Knowledge on the Team

By using s smart system everyone on the property management team is connected. You can check to see who from the maintenance department is on a call. You can also check to see what tenants have issues, if there are any late payments, and who is handling the various inquiries. This ensures that, as a manager, you are aware of what each member of your team is doing. You can take action where and when it is needed instead of spending time trying to figure out what is going on with your team.

If you are ready to upgrade to smart system connected technology for your property management, consider app integration options. A tech agent can assist you with the best smart system for your specific property management team. They can also help you install and integrate the system you choose.