4 Ways To Get A Great Recommendation From Your Landlord

Posted on: 4 January 2017

When you are looking for houses for rent, a good recommendation from your former landlord can make a big difference. This is especially true if the new landlord is deciding between you and other parties who have similar qualifications, work histories, and credit scores. Be an ideal tenant each time you rent, and when you are searching for houses for rent, the process will be that much easier. Follow these tips to get great recommendations from your landlord. 

Pay Your Rent on Time or Early Every Month

Your landlord does not want to have to be the tough guy or chase you around for a rent check. It likely makes the landlord feel horrible to have to ask for rent after it is due. Save you and your landlord embarrassment, and try to prioritize making your rent payments on time or early each month. When you do, your landlord will remember and keep it in mind when you ask for a recommendation.

Learn and Follow the Rules of the Building

You may be surprised at how many people don't ever learn or acknowledge the rules of a home when they are renting it. They find a way to skirt by but don't make the effort to do things the landlord's way. If you learn the rules and follow them, your landlord will be grateful.

Keep Your Home Neat and Tidy

Keep your yard neat and in order. Clean and keep up the interior of your home, too. Inevitably the landlord may need to enter to fix a broken pipe or do other apartment repairs. Make sure that your home looks stellar when that happens. Keep clutter at bay and be sure to dust at least once per week. Doing little things to keep your home clean can leave a big impression.

Leave the Home Better Than You Found It

When it is time to leave your home, don't just get your furniture and leave a lot of paper or debris behind on the floor. Take the time to vacuum floors, clean the bathtub, and make sure all the cabinets are empty. Leave the house looking better than it did when you moved in, and you will know you have exceeded your landlord's standards for cleanliness.

Finally, keep in mind that things can change a lot while you are renting a home. Sometimes renters choose to stay for a decade or longer. Whether you stay on a month-to-month lease for two months or rent a home for two decades, being the perfect tenant at one place can help you secure a new home for rent when you are ready to move.