3 Ways to Grab Prospective Buyers' Attention Before & During an Open House for Your Vacation Home

Posted on: 27 October 2016

If you will be hosting an open house at your vacation home this winter, the following ideas can be used to grab the attention of prospective buyers and increase the odds that the event will be a hit.

Advertise With Fliers

Order fliers from a printing business that include basic details about the vacation home that you are selling, some color photographs of its interior and exterior, and some points of interest that are located nearby the address of the property. Choose bold letters and numbers while planning the layout of the original flier. Hang the duplicate fliers up around town, on bulletin boards and inside local businesses. Give several bulletins to the real estate agent who you have hired so that they can pass them out to anyone who has set up an appointment with them to begin searching for a home in the area. 

Offer a Detailed History After Serving Drinks & Appetizers

Write down some pertinent information about the home, including the year it was built, materials it was constructed out of, how long you owned it, and any repairs that have been made over the years. Serve cool drinks and appetizers to each person who has attended the open house. While everyone is drinking and eating the items that they have selected, read the detailed information that you have written down and be ready to answer questions that people have.

If people gain insight about the vacation home's history, they may be more apt to make an offer or consider purchasing the home soon after reviewing the information that they have received from you.

Create a Photo Album 

Fill a blank photo album with current pictures of the home's exterior, the yard, and each room inside of the house. Add other photograph's to the book from each year that you were the owner of the home and property. Choose photos that highlight key features inside of the home and outdoor foliage and recreational items.

Try to find suitable pictures from each season of the year so that prospective clients can envision how the home looked during holidays or throughout specific months. This information may help each person decide upon ways to utilize the outdoor and indoor space. They may also be able to choose ways to incorporate their furnishings and decorations inside of each room in order to provide the living quarters with a personalized and stylish appearance. Leave the album on a table and welcome each guest to browse the photos at their leisure.