3 Tips For Getting A Home Sold In Under 30 Days

Posted on: 17 August 2016

When it comes to selling a home, many people want to get the best offer possible and are willing to wait a few months to get it. However, there are plenty of times when a home needs to be sold as quickly as possible. This is often the case whenever someone is relocating for a job or has run into financial problems. In these cases, it's often best for the seller to move the property in less than a month. Selling a home in less than 30 days can still be a challenge in some housing markets. The median amount of days that a home spends on the market right now is 65 days. Here are three tips for selling a property in less than a month.

Price Competitively

The best way to ensure that a home sells quickly is by pricing to sell. The first step is to look at other listings in the neighborhood and find out what other homes have sold for. A home has a better chance of selling if it is within 10 percent of these comparable properties. It may also be a good idea to price the home slightly below other properties in the area. This can help draw in more potential buyers and can tempt someone to purchase the seller's home instead of another nearby property.

Market To The Right People

When attempting to sell a home quickly, it's a good idea to look around the neighborhood and see what types of buyers are purchasing surrounding homes. Fast home buyers may include potential landlords and house flippers. If homes in the area are being renovated and sold by certain buyers or being purchased as rental properties by others, it may be a good idea to reach out to these buyers. Marketing the home as a good property for renovation or one with good rental potential can bring in a buyer fast!

Clean And Paint

One of the biggest problems with selling a home in less than a month is that there is not enough time for any major renovations or remodels. However, there is enough time to clean the home thoroughly and give it a new coat of paint both indoors and outdoors. Painting the exterior is the most costly of the two, coming in at an average of $2,594, but it is the quickest way to increase the curb appeal. Simply painting and cleaning the home can potentially bring in a buyer fast.

Selling a home in less than a month can be difficult. However, a competitive asking price, marketing to the right buyers, and a thorough cleaning and paint job can help sell a home in under 30 days. For more information, contact local professionals like House Hunters Real Estate Investments.