3 Security Tips To Follow After A Roommate Moves Out

Posted on: 6 August 2016

If a roommate moves out -- whether on good terms or bad -- it is important to protect yourself. Even though you might not want to think about the idea that someone you once shared a home with might cause you harm in any way, you can never be too careful. Luckily, following these three tips can help you protect yourself.

1. Change Your Locks

First of all, even if your roommate has supposedly given you all of the keys that he or she had in his or her possession, it still pays to either invest in new locks for your door or to hire a locksmith to have these locks rekeyed. You don't actually know for sure that the roommate -- or his or her friends, boyfriend or girlfriend or anyone else -- does not have an extra key, and you don't want to take the risk that someone else might be able to gain access to your home.

2. Chose a New Hiding Spot for Spare Keys

If you have always kept spare keys, garage door openers or other tools for entering your home in the same spot, consider coming up with a new hiding spot. Your ex-roommate might remember all too well about the spare key that you usually keep hidden in a flower pot or under the mat. Additionally, if you have always left certain out-of-the-way doors or windows unlocked for any purpose, consider locking them so that your ex-roommate is not able to use this information to access your home after he or she moves out.

3. Call Your Alarm Company to Change Your Code

Do you have a security alarm installed in your home? If so, there's a pretty good chance that your ex-roommate knows the entry code. Follow the instructions that came with your system, or call your alarm company to have your code changed. Make sure that you change it to something that your roommate would not easily guess; for example, if your ex-roommate knows your birth date or other similar information, avoid using these numbers as your entry code.

After someone moves out of your home, it's always worth it to do what you can to protect yourself. Luckily, if you follow these three tips or contact a locksmith after your roommate moves out, you can provide yourself with peace of mind and can help ensure that your ex-roommate is not able to easily access your home.