Want A Home That Is Safe For Toddlers? 3 Features To Prioritize

Posted on: 26 July 2016

Going from a rental to buying a home for sale in your area is a pretty incredible experience because you get to have so much control in the features that you end up with in your new home and get to choose a place to live that will serve your family in the years to come. When you have a baby who will grow into a toddler or you already have a toddler, you want several features that will make you feel confident as a parent who wants to protect their child at all times.

Solid Fencing

One feature that you will want is solid fencing. It is more reliable than aluminum, chain-link, or wrought iron fencing that allows small children to fit through or stick their hands through the gaps. It is best to prioritize materials such as PVC, vinyl, or wood that are more likely to have a completely solid fence. An even better situation is when the entire house is surrounding in fencing for maximum protection. This will prevent wild animals from being able to get onto the property and put your toddler in danger. It also ensures that no matter where your child may be, they will not be able to leave the property.


If you want the inside of your home to be extremely safe for your toddler, you should prioritize carpeting. This is ideal because it prevents your child from having to walk or crawl on a hard surface. If they happen to fall down, which they definitely will as a young one, they are far less likely to get seriously injured. The very least you should settle for is carpeting in their bedroom and the main living areas. It is understandable for carpet to not be in the bathroom or kitchen, so this is something you should expect to find.

Close Bedrooms

To keep within earshot of your toddler at all times, you want a home with bedrooms that are all close together. If the master bedroom is on the other side of the house, you may not be able to hear your toddler that well if they end up getting injured or are simply asking for help from their bedroom.

These are not the only features that you will want to prioritize when looking for a home to buy that you will raise your family in, but keeping these ones in mind will help you with your home buying experience.