5 Modern And Luxurious Additions To Your Dream Home Design

Posted on: 24 July 2016

Designing your luxury home? With modern technology and materials, it's a great time to be planning your dream home. But there are always some touches that you may not even be aware of -- ones that can make the reality even better. Here are 5 luxury options you may not even realize you need.

Automation. Technology can make you master of your own home no matter where you are. You can lock doors, control the interior climate and even see who's at the door by wiring the house to certain apps right on your phone. Tablets and phones can control such fun features as outdoor lighting, shade, pool colors and even water features. And don't forget to install technology -- such as landscaping controls and temperature controls -- that will make you feel better about your effect on the environment.

Warming Accessories. Warming drawers are a must-have for both a busy family and someone who likes to entertain. These practical kitchen accessories ensure that all the food is at the optimal temperature no matter when the diners are finally ready. They can even warm up towels on cold evenings. For added luxury throughout the home, try radiant floor heating -- especially in the master and guest bathrooms -- if you really want to impress your guests. Add a centerpiece fireplace to your outdoor entertaining space to bring it to life and draw guests outside to enjoy the ambiance.

Rooftop Terrace. Rooftop entertaining is perfect for city dwellers where space is often at a premium. But even if you live in the country, making room for a rooftop getaway adds an elegant and luxurious touch to your home. Whether it's a view of the nearby mountains or just the chance to enjoy the stars away from the home's interior lighting, everyone will love getting above it all.

Ponds. Water features add tranquility and cover up unwanted features in any yard. Go big with your water feature by turning it into a mini-park with a large pond filled with fish and water plants and lined by trails and a few places to sit and relax. You can blend the pond into a nearby swimming pool or hot tub, or you can just use it as a visual focal point in the yard. 

Oversized Windows. Bring in the light and make your home feel even larger and more inviting by extending the windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows, wide windows, bay windows and skylights all take advantage of any good views (above or outward) and bring flattering natural light inside. If some rooms lack the kind of views to warrant large windows, work with your landscaper to create something wow-worthy to look at.

By knowing and incorporating some of the modern touches that many people are already falling in love with in the luxury homes in your area, you can help ensure that your final creation will be a home you can love and be proud of for years to come.