3 Ways To Negotiate For A Lower Commission From Your Real Estate Agent

Posted on: 11 May 2016

Choosing a real estate agent can be a difficult task. If you simply choose the agent with the lowest commission, then you risk hiring an estate agent without the necessary skills to sell your home for the highest price. If you choose the agent who offers to list your home with a higher price than other agents, you may pay a higher commission and still not get the amount that the agent implied you would get from your sale. Instead of focusing on the commission and the listing price, it is best to focus on the agent's sale-record in your neighborhood as well as the tools they intend to use to sell your home, such as high-quality marketing and daily lock-box monitoring. 

However, once you have found the agent you want to work with, there are a few ways that you may be able to get them to lower their commission for you. 

Offer Multiple Commissions 

If you are selling and buying at the same time or selling more than one property, you can offer to give both commissions to your realtor for a slightly reduced rate. If you do not have multiple commissions available, you can offer to talk to friends who are also selling to help secure commissions for your estate agent. However, this will only be helpful if you can prove that you are influential in your neighborhood or if you have a friend who is ready to sell. 

Emphasize Your House's Signage Benefits 

Being able to put up signs in your yard that advertise the real estate agent is a major benefit for real estate agents. If they do not currently have any signage in your neighborhood and you are giving them first access, that can work to your advantage. Similarly, if your home is positioned in a high-traffic area that will help drive clients to the real estate agent's website, that is helpful. You can potentially use your prime real estate location to negotiate a slightly lower fee. 

Do Some of the Marketing On Your Own 

Most full service realtors will not want you to do your own marketing, simply because their reputation will be tied to how well you market your home. However, if you are professional photographer, you may be able to take your own listing photos to help reduce the fees. The same can apply if you have experience designing brochures. 

It may be difficult to negotiate a lower commission from your real estate agent, but these tips can help.