Two Tips For Keeping Your Business Secure

Posted on: 25 November 2015

One of the more important aspects of managing a business is ensuring that it is as secure as possible. Whether it is from your customers or employees, there are a number of threats that can strike your enterprise, and you must mitigate these issues. To this end, the business's locks are essential, but these devices are frequently overlooked by business leaders. This can result in reduced security and higher maintenance costs. If you are guilty of overlooking these essential devices, you may benefit from considering the following two tips.

Upgrade To Digital Locks

Many business leaders are unaware of the numerous benefits that can come from upgrading to digital locks. One of the more noticeable benefits is that these locks are far less likely to be picked, because the criminal will have to use the proper access card or codes to enter the building. Another benefit is the reduced cost of rekeying when your employees either quit, retire or are fired. Whenever this happens, keeping your business secure will require changing the locks. When your building is equipped with traditional locks that use keys, you will need to have each lock rekeyed and new keys issued to your employees.

When you upgrade to a digital lock, you avoid these costs because you can simply program the locking system to no longer recognize the terminated employee's access card or codes. While these locks will have a higher initial cost, this may be worth the expense.

Have Your Locks Serviced Each Year

A common mistake that some business leaders will make is that they will only have the locks serviced when they notice a problem. While a locksmith can help to quickly repair a damaged lock, they can also help prevent these issues from arising by performing thorough maintenance to the lock's delicate mechanisms.

This servicing will entail the internal parts being cleaned, inspected for damage and lubricated. When problems are found to be developing, the locksmith will likely just replace the failing components. However, if the damage is extensive, the most cost-effective solution may be to replace the entire lock.

When managing your business, it is easy to overlook the locks to the building. These devices are the most basic step in securing your building from crime, but you may make the error of overlooking some basic tips for getting the most from your enterprise's locks. By being knowledgeable about the benefits of opting for digital locking systems as well as why you should have the locks serviced by a professional on a yearly basis, you should be better prepared to be a responsible business owner.

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