Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Selling Your Home Quickly

Posted on: 25 November 2015

Selling a home is a big step for any homeowner. It is not always easy to know how long it will stay on the market before it sells. However, there are some ways to make your home look more attractive to potential buyers. These are some tips that may help you sell your home more quickly. 

Thoroughly Clean Your Home 

Nothing can turn off potential buyers more than looking at an unclean, messy, cluttered home. Before showing your home, give it a good thorough cleaning. Even though your home is not exactly new, it will be a new home to potential buyer. The cleaner the home is, the newer it will look.

Be sure to clean the windows, doors and all glass fixtures until they shine. Clean the home from top to bottom in every room. If you have stained carpets, it may be a good idea to have them professionally cleaned. Remove any clutter inside and around the home as well. If you have items you no longer use, toss them away.

Update Your Bathrooms 

Updating your bathroom can also improve the chances of your home selling quickly. Add new toilet seats, shower liners and curtains, window blinds and valances. If your sink and shower fixtures look old and outdated, these can be replaced as well. 

Renewing The Floors 

Renewing your floors can greatly improve the appearance of your home. If your floors look old and faded, this is a telltale sign that the rest of the home may not be in good condition. 

Apply a water-based floor treatment to wood floors to make them look polished and shiny again. Linoleum floors can also be replaced with new self-adhesive floor tiles. This makes your floors look new again without being extremely expensive.

Updating Your Walls 

Unattractive paint jobs on the walls can ruin the look of any room. If certain rooms have walls that have been painted with overly bright or dull, drab paint, you may also want to repaint these walls. Use neutral colors throughout the home that will coordinate well with any type of furniture. 

Wallpaper and border is another inexpensive way to improve the look of walls. However, choose shades and patterns that can be matched easily with various types of furniture, lamps and throw rugs.

Improving The Lighting 

A well lit home looks friendly and inviting. Open your curtains and blinds before showing your home. Make sure light globes and lamp shades are clean and dust-free so that lighting can show through clearly. If needed, exchange dim light bulbs for brighter ones so that your home has a more open look and feel.

If your home has a basement, it is important to run a dehumidifier during the summer. This prevents the growth of mildew and unpleasant odors caused by it so that your home also smells fresh and clean when you are ready to show it.

Talk to a agency that offers realty services to learn more strategies for selling your home quickly.