Own House Rental Properties? Make Sure You Take Care Of The Outside

Posted on: 17 November 2015

If you own house rental properties, it is important that you keep the exterior of them looking nice for your current tenants, as well as prospective tenants. This is, after all, the first thing they see when they arrive at the rental properties. Below are some things you should consider doing for your tenants.


Hire a landscaping company to take care of your rental house's property. They will keep shrubs or bushes trimmed, and make sure they stay trimmed throughout the year.

They will also plant flowers in front of the rental properties and other areas of the yard. They will likely put mulch around the flowers to give them a clean streamlined look. This also keeps weeds from popping up, which can look unsightly.  The contractor will ensure the flowers stay healthy by providing them with their water needs as well as giving them fertilizer.

The contractor may also do weekly lawn maintenance, including mowing the grass, and picking up all debris. They may offer snow plowing and ice removal services in the winter months.


An exterior property maintenance company can power wash the driveways of the rental homes to remove any stuck on grime and dirt. You should consider hiring a contractor to seal the driveways, if needed. Sealing not only makes the driveway looks nice, but protects it from oil or other leaks from your tenant's vehicles because the liquid will not seep into the small pores in the driveway.  If there are any cracks in the concrete driveways, the company can use a concrete filler to fill them in.

This saves you money because the driveways will last much longer for you.

They will make sure the gutters are in good repair and there are no leaves built up in them, as well as keep up with any roof repairs that may need to be done. Finding problems early can keep you from making expensive repairs later on. For example, missing a few shingles on a roof can eventually result in a leak in an attic if not taken care of.  A gutter full of leaves can cause many problems. For example, when it rains the water will start leaking from the gutter, and run down the side of the home. This can result in foundation wall cracks, which can result in basement leaks.

Hiring contractors to keep up with your rental properties will save you a lot of time, and give you more time to do other things, such as advertising for new tenants.

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