What Should You Do If You See A Child Or Pet In A Hot Car?

Posted on: 22 July 2015

Each summer, cities and states that tend to log high temperatures reach out to citizens to inform them of the potential danger of leaving a child or pet in a hot car. Temperatures within a vehicle left in the sun can quickly reach dangerous levels, even when it doesn't feel that warm outside. However, accidents can still happen, as can negligence, and you may find yourself in an emergency situation after witnessing a pet or child locked inside a hot vehicle. What should you do if you encounter this situation? Read on for some tips and tricks that can help everyone emerge unscathed.

Page the owner

If you see the vehicle just outside a store, or know the vehicle's owner, you may want to quickly enter the business to have this person paged. However, if this person doesn't respond quickly, you'll want to continue to take action to ensure that precious moments aren't lost.

Call a locksmith

Locksmiths carry special tools that can unlock vehicles within seconds -- so if a locksmith can arrive before police, this may be your best option. If a phone is available, quickly contact the locksmiths in the area to determine who is close and can be on the scene quickly. A website like http://www.suburbanlock.com can give you more information about how locksmiths can help.

Notify the police

After you've contacted a locksmith, you may also want to contact the local police department or dial 911. If an officer is in the area, he or she may be able to break the vehicle's window and retrieve the child or pet from danger. The dispatcher should be able to give you an approximate time of arrival so that you'll know the next steps to take if an officer isn't immediately available, and can help send an ambulance to the scene if you believe a child or other passenger is (or will be) in need of medical attention.

Visit an auto parts store

All auto parts stores carry a tool that will immediately shatter a car's window and slash a seat belt. If it's an emergency and an auto store is nearby, you may be able to run over and grab this tool quickly to beat any emergency personnel to the scene. If the child or pet appears frightened or traumatized, you may want to smash a window far enough away to avoid any glass spray -- although window glass is specially designed to shatter into dull fragments, this can still be a jarring experience for passengers.